Third APO Workshop
Virtual meeting, hosted by Mark Battle, Bowdoin College, Maine, U.S.A.
19th and 27th August 2020


The third APO Workshop had been planned to be held at Bowdoin College, Maine, USA, hosted by Mark Battle, in August 2020. Owing to the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent scheduling issues, however, the in-person Workshop was postponed by 36 months (to 23-25 August 2023, also at Bowdoin College – see “2023 WAO4 Talks”).


In order to facilitate communication and collaboration, and to provide additional impetus and motivation for atmospheric O2 research globally, two 90-minute remote sessions were held on the 19th and 27th August 2020. Every O2 research group was given the opportunity to give a brief update on their work, and a few short themed discussions followed.


One outcome of the discussions was the recognition that ‘APO Workshop’ is no longer the best name for this international community, as research foci with O2 have become broader over time. A new name is in the works.


Below you can find links to the agenda and PDFs of the presentations given in the two 90-minute sessions.


Bowdoin College APO2020 Virtual Workshop page:






Wednesday, 19th August  
Ann‐Lise Norman Atmospheric and Environmental Physics ΔO2/ ΔCO2 Research Update
Linh Nguyen & Harro Meijer δO2/N2 and CO2 flask measurements from the Netherlands, Ireland, and Antarctica
Andrew Manning & Nico Mayot Report on Activity at UEA (United Kingdom)
Keeling group & Britt Stephens Report on Activity at SIO & NCAR (USA)
D. Goto & S. Morimoto Status report on O2 research activities at NIPR & TU
S. Ishidoya & N. Aoki Research activities for O2/N2 and Ar/N2 in National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
Thursday, 27th August  
Ingrid Luijx Wageningen University Meteorology and Air Quality
Mark Battle Report on activity at Bowdoin (USA)
Alexander Knohl Measuring oxygen fluxes in a European beech forest - results from the OXYFLUX project
Valerie Livina Dynamics of atmospheric oxygen under anthropogenic stresses
Cynthia Nevison Trends/patterns in APO seasonal cycle
Christian Rödenbeck Global APO inversion
Tonatiuh Nuñez Estimating CO2 emissions from fossil fuel combustion using an atmospheric sampling network of multiple tracers



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